The Secret of Successful Fundraising For Smaller Non-Profits

Are you fed up with fundraising being dominated by large non-profits with huge budgets and vast numbers of supporters?  Are you fed up with these behemoths seemingly grabbing all the funds?  Do you get frustrated every time you try and do something small or local and see it overlooked in favor of the larger charities? If that sounds familiar, then you’re going to want to read every word of this post.

You see, I know exactly where you are coming from.  I have seen all sorts of fundraising methods for smaller non-profits trying to get noticed over a period of many years, but I kept seeing the same failures.  Nothing seems to work for these smaller non-profits and generating real income appears impossible.

I am sure you can relate.  Do you recognize any of these?

  • You really want to start a new initiative, but then you see that one of the large non-profits is doing something similar in the next-door town.
  • You read all the articles on fundraising ideas and it all looks so easy to succeed but when you try something it never works, usually because you don’t have enough money to do it like the big boys.
  • You really want to make a contribution with your ideas. You’ve dreamed about it. Yet, you always seem to end up frustrated.

If you can empathize with any of the above points, then I have some great news…

Now you can fundraise successfully for your cause or non-profit – guaranteed!

Introducing Recommended Partners, the easiest route to successful fundraising for smaller non-profits.  Once we have you set up (no cost) all you need is to take 20 seconds to make your bespoke page your internet browser home page.

Here’s a quick look at why you and your cause should be using Recommended Partners.

  • You will have the most useful internet page you have ever used.
  • You will have the opportunity to raise funds just by starting off with that page and using the links on it.
  • You will want to share the page with one click so that others get the benefit of it and your cause earns money from their online shopping.
  • You don’t have to worry about downloading an app or clicking a specific link; everything is immediately accessible.

There’s a lot more too as we will promote your cause on the website and our Facebook page.  We will keep everyone informed about specific offers and encourage our site visitors to pick a cause (sometime yours!) and take up that offer through your page, earning you money.

It really is, as we like to call it

“Fundraising without thinking about it”

So, please let us be your route to this being your best ever fundraising year.  We only do one thing and our goal is make successful fundraising for smaller non-profits available to everyone.     

Please join us at

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