Social Media For Small Non-Profits

Social-Media-For-Small-Non-ProfitsThere is no doubt that social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc), done well, can be a powerful tool for non-profits.  You can use it to heighten awareness of your cause and the things that you do to fundraise.

In this social media for small non-profits blog post we will set out a few pointers that will hopefully help you get the best out of social networking sites

Here is a possible step by step work-flow to get you started:

  1. Create a basic message that you want to promote across all social media. It should be consistent. Is this to specifically raise money or just to tell people about the work that you do?
  2. Have in your mind how much you might realistically achieve with social media. Obviously the larger your non-profit supporter base is, the more content, sharing and promotion you can achieve.
  3. If you are new to social media use your existing email subscribers and website visitors to kickstart things for you. Mention your new pages in newsletters and add buttons to “like” your pages to your website.
  4. Think about how you will encourage participation on social media. You might think about running a poll, survey or even a small competition.
  5. Once you start, keep posting regularly. There is nothing more off-putting that an inactive social media account. It is probably worse than not having one at all.
  6. Make sure you have the resources to do the posting and monitoring of the account. It is important to respond quickly to any questions that come up.
  7. Monitor your results. As you gain followers it is very rewarding but keep checking your stats so that you know which types of content you post gain the most traction. You know then to produce more of that type.

There is so much more to social media for small non-profits but hopefully this post has given you some inspiration to get started.  And remember that it is that getting started which is the hardest thing to do.  Once you take the first steps embrace the challenge, post regularly, respond quickly and start to see the results.

Social media combines really well with the Recommended Partners fundraising system.  It is designed for small non-profits.  Take a look at our home and demo pages.

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