Step 1: Contact Us

The first thing to do is visit our Contact Us page and make an initial enquiry.  We will respond to you within 24 hours (at the very latest) from Monday to Friday.

We will just get some basic information from you so we can start work on your new portal.

Step 2: We set up your portal

We will design your portal, set up the hosting on the internet and make sure that everything is working.

Of course you willl have the opportunity to put forward your ideas and we will do our very best to create something that fits well with your existing fundraising efforts.

Once the portal is set up it is time for you and us to start telling people about it.

Step 3: Promotion


Promotion of your portal is absolutely vital if it is to raise the money we all want.  We will ask you to tell all your members and supporters about it regularly on your website and social media pages.  Remember that all your supporters have to do is use the links on the portal to access the products or services featured.  You will earn commission on anything they buy.

To help out with promotion we will feature your portal in our directory and on our Fundeezy platform.  We will also give it regular shout outs in our blog and on our facebook page.  It is great to to try and tie these in with other news or success stories  you might have.  Let’s work together!

Step 4: Reporting and Payment

Every month we will give you full details of all the clicks, sales and income earned through your portal. As soon as the payments are finalized for any month we tell you the amount due to you and we will then pay you within a couple of days. 

Please note that some merchants can take a while to pay commissions (up to 90 days) but we will always pay you at the end of the month we receive payment.


A unique, fair and transparent way of raising funds for your cause where everyone working together means everyone wins