Fundraising With Existing Supporters – Powerful Ideas

There is little doubt that fundraising, particularly for smaller non-profits, is getting harder.  People seem to have less money and less time.  What little there is of these commodities is being sucked up by the huge advertising budgets of the large non-profits with their vast armies of supporters and donors. As with many other industries … Read more

Fun Fundraising Activities

To get the most out of any fundraiser, every participant needs to give their all from start to finish. This includes your team members, parents, coaches, and other volunteers. To keep everyone’s interest from waning, make sure that you include fun in your fundraiser each step of the way. Ten ways to put fun in … Read more

Easy And Free Fundraisers For Youth Groups

When your youth group needs to raise money quickly, you need a fast free fundraiser that you can rely on to generate the necessary revenue. The amount you make on these free easy fundraisers will depend on how much time you have to prepare and how well you execute your plan. Here are three time-tested … Read more

The Secret of Successful Fundraising For Smaller Non-Profits


Are you fed up with fundraising being dominated by large non-profits with huge budgets and vast numbers of supporters?  Are you fed up with these behemoths seemingly grabbing all the funds?  Do you get frustrated every time you try and do something small or local and see it overlooked in favor of the larger charities? … Read more

Fair Trade Fundraisers

Organizations everywhere are starting to see the benefits of staging certain types of fundraisers. As you may have discovered through trial-and-error, some fundraisers are simply more successful than others. We all want to raise as much money as we can for our respective organizations, but there are times when we ought to give pause to … Read more

Elementary School Fundraisers

Perhaps nothing matches the enthusiasm and zeal of elementary school children. This carries over to elementary school fundraising events where young students strive to complete every assigned fundraising chore with determination and dedication. Teachers and parents participate and guide the children to ensure their hard work is successful and raises a lot of money. Candy … Read more

Great Fundraising Ideas

You may be looking for a list of fundraising ideas for your organization. Many different fundraising ideas exist and you need to think about the fundraisers carefully to find one that best suits your organization. When you see a list of fundraisers, you should also consider whether you could modify the original idea to better … Read more

10 Tips For Better Fundraising

If, you’re looking for a fundraising project for a school, sports team or construction project you will the following useful for you. Use these 10 tips to catapult you fund raising efforts and raise more funds. Examine you database of supporters. How likely are they to help you out? Don’t assume that folks will keep … Read more