Building Funding Partnerships

We are fundraising specialists who wanted to create a way in which  any charity or cause, big or small, could raise extra money without repeatedly asking for donations.

We realised that many of your supporters or followers would shop online and knew that the commissions paid by the company for putting business its way could work for causes like yours.  We decided that we could create bespoke web portals (web browsing start pages) that would appeal to your followers and enable you to generate that extra funding by simply asking people to use the internet via your portal. 

Hopefully, this website fully explains everything that we do. It is really important to us that we are transparent about how we operate.  We are doing all the work for you in setting up, maintaining and  hosting your portal but we do make money by taking a share of the commission.  There is nothing to stop you setting up your own affiliate accounts, hosting account and creating and designing a portal but of course that will be a fair amount of work.  We take away all the headaches and make it incredibly easy to fundraise for your charity or cause just by asking people to use your portal.   Another benefit is that some of our partners pay higher commission with greater volumes of sales.  You can benefit substantially from this as we share all the increased commission volume derived from all our portals with you.

  • We work with you to promote your portal and encourage supporters to use it
  • Absolutely zero setup cost to you
  • Complete transparency with monthly reports so you can see exactly what you are earning
  • SSL encrypted servers with 99.9% availability, fully backed up to properly take care of your portal

Helping You Raise Funds For Your Cause

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