Raise Funds With No Effort

Are you a charity, non-profit, church, club, cause, school or group that is looking to raise funds?

Recommended Partners helps you raise significant funds without you having to ask for money, sell anything, deliver leaflets or even bake a cake!

24/7 Fundraising

Fundraising portal working 24/7

Happy Supporters

Make full use of your existing supporters and please them

Hands Off

Fully managed and maintained by us and hands off for you

Zero Costs

No money is ever required from you

So Easy To Use

No need to login, download an app or access via specific links

You Grow With Us

Benefit from increased income by us working with other causes

Stress Free

No need to ask for donations

Increased Reach

We promote your cause using Facebook, this website and our Fundeezy platform

100% Transparent

Prompt payments to you and full reports available

We will build your own income generating personal, bespoke-designed internet portal (browser start or home page).  All you do is ask that all your members/supporters  use your portal.  We will also promote your portal for you on this website, our Fundeezy platform  and through our Facebook page.


You don’t have to do anything at all other then keep reminding your members and supporters to use your portal whenever they use the internet.  We design your portal, host it on the internet, maintain it, collect the commissions and pay them promptly to you.  Just think how much money all your members and supporters must spend online every year.

Why Would We help You?

Very simply, in return for setting everything up, hosting and maintaining your portal we take a small share. 

To give you some comparison others require your suporters to login or download an app and always remember to use it.  Even then they only share revenue on a 50% basis.  A very well known fundraising offer pays just 0.5% of the sale price (after VAT and any other relevant tax is taken off) and require that you must remember to always click via a specific link.  

We want to do it a different way and share on a 65% to you basis.   With our portals you will be receiving more of the sale price and, because users access the internet through your personalised browser home page, they are far more likely to use a link that generates income.   

Another benefit is that some of our partners pay higher commission with greater volumes of sales. You can benefit substantially from this as we share all the increased commission volume derived from all our portals with you.

How Do You Know We Will Pay You?


The only way this business can work for us is if we have strong relationships with our non-profit partnerships.  We need you to see it is a good deal and keep asking your members and supporters to use your portal.  We need you to tell other organisations why our service works.  We could decide to not pay out to you but as soon as someone found out our business is ruined.  And anyway it is just a low thing to do.

We offer full monthly reporting of every sale you have generated.  We need our partnership to be based upon transparency. 

Want to see a demo of how it would work for you?